Meet our Steering Commitee and operational team composed of dedicated staff and community volunteers.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the body that is responsible for guiding CCI's stragetic directions, advising working group activities and governing CCI.
Lucy Yang, Chairperson

Lucy is an entrepreneur and business leader experienced in taking ventures/projects off the ground and leading operational growth. Lucy holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.

John Walker

John is a senior technical engagement leader with extensive experience in health and medical data. He currently focuses on developing distributed computing solutions in healthcare.

Kaliya Young

Kaliya, known as the Identity Woman, is a digital identity expert with 15+ years of experience in enabling user-centric identity and facilicating the development open standards for digital identity.

Richard Bookman

Richard is a Senior Advisor for Program Development & Policy at the University of Miami (UM) Miller School of Medicine, and the Director of the UHealth Care Lab at the UM Health System.

Karen Thomas

Karen is a US healthcare veteran and serial tech entrepreneur as well as a health data access and control advocate for consumers. Karen brings to CCI a wealth of experience in board governance.

Paul Knowles

Paul is the Head of the Advisory Council at the Human Colossus Foundation. Paul is a decentralized semantics expert with 25-year experience in pharmaceutical biometrics.

Tony Rose

Tony is a tech entrepreneur. He co-initiated CCI and has since led related iniatives across communities. Tony's company ProofMarket contributed the Medcreds project to LFPH.

Michael MacFarland

Michael is a chief architect in financial services. Michael co-founded and co-leads CCI's US Subgroup. Michael is a member of AIRA workgroups and Navigators workgroups.

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Operations Team

CCI's operational team consists of paid staff, sponsored by Linux Foundation Public Health, and community volunteers. It is responsible for running day-to-day operations, organizing/supporting community activties and managing communication assets.
Lucy Yang, Community Director (Staff)

Lucy leads CCI's strategic development, operations and communications, ensuring alignment of CCI activities with our mission and the interest of community members.

John Walker, Community Architect (Staff)

John spearheads community-wide technical development and discussions and advises community members on technical best practices and options.

Kaliya Young, Ecosystems Director (Staff)

Kaliya manages CCI's relationships with relevant technical and standard communities and facilitates collaboration and standards development across communities.

Anna Johnson, Newsletter Manager (Volunteer)

Anna is Director of Marketing at Trinsic. Before working at Trinsic, she was on the marketing team at the Sovrin Foundation.

Nicole Hagestad, Social Media Manager (Volunteer)

Nicole is a stellar volunteer at CCI. She manages CCI's Twitter and Linkedin accounts and helps grow our online presence.

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