CCI is open and free for anyone to join and contribute. We offer two types of membership, Steering Member for organizations and Contributor for individuals.

Meet Our Members

Steering Members - Organizations

Contributors - Individuals

Adam Cooper
Bill Edelman
Brad Head
Bruce Conrad
Bui Minh Viet
Carsten Stocker
Corey Mercy
Darrel Woelk
David Chadwick
Edmund Kienast
Gordon Gweshe
Greg Berstein
Jacque Bikoundou
John Walker
Kaliya Hamlin
Karen Thomas
Lawrence Ng
Mark Packham
Mark Williams
Mary O Connor
Melim Birim
Michael John Sheehan
Michael MacFarland
Nicolas Formichella
Nicole Hagestad
Paolo De Rosa
Parul Agarwal
Paul Knowles
Peter Bachman
Qixue Yang
Rajesh Pillai
Richard Bookman
Robert Mordinoia
Rowan Shedden
Ryan Barrett
Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
Sara Facchinetti
Sedat Kandemir
Steven Patton
Tony Eyles
Tony Rose
Vinod Panicker
Yang Lu

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